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Installation Options


A full local copy of the Book A Flight system is installed on suitable equipment at the client's premisis. *


  1. Isolation: This installation model works best for a client who is unable to obtain a reliable Internet connection. The system will operate in total isolation of any external infrastructure.


  1. Cost: The client will need to provide suitable server equipment as well as contract for suitable support of the physical equipment and associated operating system.
  2. Maintenance requirement: The client will need to take responsibility for monitoring such things as system backups.
  3. Restricted Capibility: In the event that the system has no connectivity to the Intenet at all, certain facilities would need to be disabled in the system. These would include integrated weather data as well as automated system notifications (email and SMS) and the Mass and Balance diagrams.

* Note: The local install option for Book A Flight is only available to Enterprise Edition clients

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